Artist To Watch & Mixtapes To Check

01 = Syll’a’blez

Syll’a’blez is pure lyrical mayhem. Don’t sleep on this Emcee!


Original Emcee That Focuses His Attention On Having A Multi-Syllable Flow Of Street Lyricism With Some Funky Instrumentals…. Also Known For His Various Diss Tracks And Battle Performamces….


02 = Erick Sermon (Breath Of Fresh Air)

A new mixtape from one of my favorite MCs and producers of all time.  The Green Eyed Bandit!


One-half of the legendary hip-hop duo EPMD, Erick Sermon was also among the genre’s most prominent producers, deservedly earning the alias “Funklord” with his trademark raw, bass-heavy grooves. Born in Bayshore, NY, Sermon — aka E Double, the Green-Eyed Bandit, and MC Grand Royal — teamed with rapper Parrish Smith in 1986 to form EPMD, an acronym for “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars”; signing to the tiny Sleeping Bag label, they soon released their debut 12″, “It’s My Thing,” which went on to sell an astounding 500,000 copies. In the years to follow, EPMD emerged as one of rap’s most vital acts, their hard-edged beats and Sermon’s mumbled, monotone delivery becoming a great influence on the burgeoning gangsta movement. In addition to producing their own material, the duo also helmed records for the extended family of performers dubbed the Hit Squad, whose ranks included Redman, K Solo, and Das EFX. In early 1993, EPMD disbanded, and Sermon soon resurfaced with his solo debut, No Pressure; he also became a sought-after producer and remixer, working with everyone from En Vogue to Blackstreet to Shaquille O’Neal. After a second solo effort, 1995’s Double or Nothing, he and Smith reformed EPMD in 1997, releasing the LP Back in Business.
Erick Sermon is a hip-hop icon, pure and simple. As a producer, his work has elevated the music of acts ranging from Redman and Jay-Z to D’Angelo and Mary J. Blige. With legitimate pioneer status, unrelenting longevity and a musical discography thicker than a New York City phone book, Erick Sermon is up to receiving his due credit.
“The simplest thing you can do to sound ill today is brag. That’s not what you call hip-hop. I don’t know what that is. I seen the era,” states Sermon. “And I built the era. And I built what’s coming now to be able to say, ‘You know what? I’ma go against the grain.'”
Carving his own path with head nodding affect is the story of the “E Double”‘s entire career. The Long Island native, now living between New York and Atlanta, blasted onto the hip-hop scene when EPMD dropped their classic Strictly Business album in 1988. Armed with gritty beats and dead pan flows, EPMD went on to release five more albums, the last being 1998’s Out of Business. The group nurtured future hip-hop superstars including Redman, K-Solo, Keith Murray and Das-Efx under their loosely knit Hit Squad umbrella. Unfortunately, all was not bliss as tension between Erick and rhyme partner Parrish Smith led to EPMD’s break up in 1993. Now splintered, the two friends went their separate ways with E continuing as a solo artist and promptly forming the Def Squad, consisting of himself, Redman and Keith Murray.
E’s solo career has been first-rate. His debut solo shot, No Pressure (1993) was critically lauded and the immediate follow up was Double or Nothing (1995). While he put his solo career in cruise control, The Green Eyed Bandit’s funk heavy, chest caving beats propelled the careers of those he blessed with his production skills. Besides his aforementioned Def Squad brethren, the list of artists blessed with E’s production is exhaustive with notables including Jay-Z, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J and on and on. He also cites Teddy Riley, with whom he worked with on Blackstreet, as a mentor.
When he decided to slow down on the outside production, Erick once again devoted time to his solo projects. In 2001 E’s solo career was rejuvenated with the meteoric rise of his hit single “Music.” The track featured Marvin Gaye’s vocals mixed with a Sermon classic beat and rhymes creating an all-new groove.
It was a ..1 hit and received a Grammy nomination. Back in the spotlight, Sermon was quickly scooped up by J Records and released two more solo albums, 2001’s Music and 2003’s React. However, despite bringing two legitimate hits (the aforementioned albums’ title songs) Sermon parted ways with J Records and signed with Universal/Motown Records in late (2003).
This year, E is prepping not to prove anything (over 20 years of Hip-Hop relevance speaks for itself) but to continue crafting hits, inevitably gaining even more fans in the process. Sermon begins explaining his niche in the hip-hop world. “Hip-hop kids know me, now it’s time for pop music fans to know me.”
Hip-hop’s global domination-which he undoubtedly had a hand in ushering in-of late has inversely led to fewer and fewer artists with individual and unique sounds. That is what Erick believes gives him an edge. “Right now I’m happy because they’re on my turf,” says Erick. “You gotta make some music and you gotta say something.
During the time Sermon was working on Chilltown NY he lent his skills to Dr. Dre and Beyonce while fielding more and more calls for production and remix work. Ultimately, Sermon is doing what he does because he loves it, not for material gain. “If you’re coming in for money right now you’re in the wrong place. If you’re coming in for love right now, you’re in the right place.”
Indeed, Sermon has no intention of bowing out anytime soon keenly aware of the influence of his sounds. “My whole thing is about speaking as much truth as possible.”
Or, it could be that he simply has too much music left in him. “I’m gonna keep making music. I’ll let you know when it’s over.” It’s business as usual.


03 = Kajmir Royale (Heir To The Throne)

Kajmir Royale is one of the best up and coming artist / producers in the game right now.  You won’t be disappointed with this mixtape!


Kajmir Royale is an American musician known for creating a new style of music called ‘hip pop’ influenced by multiple genres. In five years he accumulated Sold over 4,000 instrumentals to artists globally. He has major placements with Bow Wow, Gudda Gudda, Lil Twist, Ya Boy, De La Soul, Mistah Fab, Jae Millz, Yung Berg, Crooked I, Hell Rell, JR Writer, DMX, and many more.
While producing instrumentals Kajmir honed his artist skills by practicing over top of beats he sold to other artists, writing a 300,000 word rhyme dictionary, and performing shows across the state of Colorado. On Jan 18, 2010 Kajmir Royale releases his first Mixtape as an artist titled ‘Internet Entrepreneur’ hosted by LA based mixtape gurus DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar. Download at
Kajmir wound up in Colorado Springs in 2002 from a forced family break up. From 2002 to 2009 Kajmir he worked as an artist and a producer, writing over 1,000 songs, a rhyme dictionary with over 300,000 words, and performed over 100 shows from clubs to festivals. His beats and songs can be found at,, and


04 = NOWONOSOUS (Magnified Harder)

Great friends of mine from Hartford, CT.  We worked on some projects together that turned out great.  This duo are the real deal straight-up period!


It’s real simple over here. I do this every day of the week, and this is all I shall do to the grave. Weapon is my partner, the team name is NOWONOSOUS, and we love what we do,…………..period ! No ego’s here. We are down to earth peeps, that you can invite over, and we will make you laugh, in your own home. We are real people.
NOTE : Success is not in the mind, or in the eye of the beholder, but in the heart of the successor ! World peace, and Love,


05 = BINK Black Flagg Labs

BINK is a good Friend, Dope Producer & Remixer, and a super tight MC from Detroit, MI.  His music is always fresh and very creative!


The Company, Black Flagg Labs Corp. media .The albums, The Birth of a dynasty, The Streets Can Win!! and NOW on Itunes You Gotta Get Dat You Gotta Get$$$ The artists, Bink ,Rube Qube. Low!! and The Great Don Dutch Representing the neighborhood they grew up in, 17000 block by 4 blocks long, Black Flagg Labs Corp is a realistic group that knows about what goes on in the hood. From street-life survival tactics, to an average day on the block, Black Flagg Labs brings to life, the struggle of our Youth who are trying to make a name for themselves. Their neighborhood. Literally launching themselves straight off of the couch and into the Detroit spotlight!. Black Flagg Labs has performed with many of the Detroit local legends, upcoming talent and Pro artist such as UGK, and Bizzy Bone. Collaberating across the world, they hope to help others ambition to make it into the big time so they can be a voice for our streets, and “the everyday struggles in this crazy world.” Not many music group’s in the arena of hip-hop or otherwise, can realistically state that their experimentation has transformed the musical brilliance they dreamed of. “Although we are from the hood’s of Detroit, we make music that will have a universal appeal, an idealistic dream to change the world by infecting them with music.” Black Flagg Labs takes the listener on a fantastic journey through the sound spectrum, back into the past, revealing the future, in the present. Complete with wild sound-scopes, perfectly balanced and colorfully entertaining music reminiscent of that underground swagger. Bink, the lyrical gun of Black Flagg Labs delivers a style so undeniably “hood-matic” and distinctive. Compared to the likes of Bun-B, demanding recognition as you listen. His raspy, heavy “gun-metal grey” voice is unlike any other vocal tones you hear now-a-days. 
 “We are the new voice of Detroit, and we will not be stopped from dropping the dopest beats and lyrics ever heard.
Black Flagg Labs Video page check it out yall


06 = DJO$EPH

DJO$EPH is a Friend, Producer, Songwriter, and Lyricist.  His music is underground / indie hip-hop at it’s best.  Original and Dope!


Tac-Town, Washington, United States
alternative hip hop
producer, songwriter, musician, lyricist
From beating on buckets to making you love it!
DJO$EPH 1995 – present.


07 = L-Bee (Dedication Over Everything)

L-Bee is a Dope MC from GA.  I love his vocal tone and the way he delivers his flow.  “Dedication Over Everything” has become one of my favorite mixtapes of 2012!


Lamar “L-Bee” Bridges is creating his future in music that people can feel. Born in New York, raised in Atlanta, GA his southern hospitality and city boy swagger make people say, “Who’s that?” L-bee is anything but ordinary. He grew up heavily involved in sports. During high school he earned nationwide accolades for his achievements in basketball, baseball, and football. Graduating with a 4.0 GPA, he earned a full scholarship at Alabama A&M where he played baseball (Currently attending Ga State University). “I love sports, and music!” L-Bee remarks. This hip-hop lyricist, song writer, and producer combines the same type of dedication, hard work, and talent he uses in sports, to make a lane for himself in the most competitive music genre.
Growing up in a single parent household with his mother, Lamar learned to have a sincere appreciation for women; still he admires his New York native father for always being a role model and best friend despite the odds. Both parents have impacted him to be accomplished as a scholar athlete. His father, Kevin “K-bee” Bridges, a super talented and known contemporary inspirational music artist, producer, and writer, is his role model. He made his first debut in his father’s music video “Transformation” as the lyricist. Needless to say, L-Bee has music running through his veins. He commands his audience’s attention, and is known to bless tracks with melodic catchy hooks that bring to mind greats like Drake, Nelly, and the conscience flows of Common. His whole purpose in this game is to make men and women “FEEL” the music he creates.
Lamar believes that “With GOD all things are possible!” He aspires to work with music lovers of all genres, take up modeling, and act on the big screen. You might witness a tweet or Facebook stat where L-Bee may remark, “I gonna blow!” A force to watch and pay attention to, L-Bee is coming to the music game with stamina and hunger to WIN! As a competitive athlete, he lives by the motto that only challenges will test our skills and make us better. On an average day, this artist is all work and strives to be the best. The complex, mentally stimulating flows, charisma, and attitude of this budding star is sure to catch the world’s attention. He is true talent with the heart to be sincere about school, athletics, and his soul of music. Lamar “L-Bee” Bridges might shout out on a record “It’s Beezy!” If you listen close to a track, and if you feel what you are hearing, witness that L-Bee is on the move to become closer to his dreams.


08 = Made & GZ (FTS Radio Vol 5)

“FTS Radio Vol 5″ is a mixtape that I’ve been playing nonstop for the past few months.  Made & GZ’s flow is super tight and the beats are hard, but still have great melodies!


Made is a rapper/songwriter, from Louisville, Kentucky. His fascination with music came early as a child. Living with his mom, he moved a lot during this time. He credits the constant moving around with his diverse outlook on life and culture which is reflected in his music.
In his high school years, he started honing his skills as an MC and began working with other rappers. He became a member of the “Villain Boy Gangstas” or “VBG” music group. The created many works before they disbanded. Today, Made is a member of “FTS” or “For Tha Squad”, his group members consist of G.Z., A-Hunnit, and J-Wahh.
Made’s music is not easily definable, rather it’s a mixture of many different styles. South infused content, a New York/Down South wordplay, over sometimes melodic and hard beats.
Made has been called one of the most promising rap artists in all of Kentucky. He believes that he has yet to reach his true potential. With a ruthless ambition and a tireless drive he is setting in place the markers to guide his career to the next level.


09 = Kirko Bangz (The Progression 2-A Young Texas Playa-Procrastination Kills 4)

Kirko Bangz is another great artist that’s blowing up.  He has a ton of style and a rock solid flow.  Mark my words, in a few years Kirko is going to be HUGE.


Bangz started rapping at the age of 15, due in part to witnessing his mother struggle as a single parent; using his mother’s pain as motivation for his music. He attends Prairie View A&M University and is majoring in mass communications. At Prairie View he was able to focus on his music, and in 2009 he released his first mixtape Procrastination Kills. He stole the attention of a fellow student and now manager D Will. Bangz released his first official single titled “What Yo Name Iz?” on February 7, 2011.
The single debuted at number ninety-seven on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs during the week of October 23, 2010. It has since peaked at number forty-one on the chart. A remix was released on June 24, 2011 and features Big Sean, Wale and Bun B. He released a mixtape shortly after on March 1, 2011 entitled Procrastination Kills 3.
His second single entitled “Drank In My Cup” was released on September 16, 2011. During the week of February 25, 2012, the single debuted at number ninety-six on the Billboard Hot 100.


10 = S.B.K.

S.B.K. is a group out of Orem, UT that caught my ear. A very fresh sound that I know you’ll love!


Used to be F.L.Y. Changed the name to S.B.K. we wanted a fresh new start, fresh new look, and some fresh new music. Had a couple things go wrong with the group. Now were back and The “snap back to the future” mixtape is coming soon. Tell your friends, S.B.K kids coming in to take this! -R.O.D, KmCee


11 = J.O.E. (Time Flyz)

J.O.E. is a superb lyrical rap artist. Great vocal tone and great lyrical delivery. His “Time Flyz” mix tape is the BOMB!


J.O.E, also known to many as the “Lyrical Genius”, is an Hip Hop and R&B artist from Savannah, GA. “Moment of Clarity” mix tape is one of the current projects out amongst the artist, but it doesn’t just stop there. TOOHigh? is the statement that best describes J.O.E’s confidence as he exceeds beyond the basics and rises above ANY competition. He has proven the idea numerous occasions that he “never LOSES, and he’ll always WIN!” J.O.E is both dedicated and committed to what he loves and knows best-music. Far from cocky, but high above confident in his lyrics, J.O.E makes sure that anybody who steps onto his court is aware that if they attempt to break him down, he will go harder! He spits fire without a care in the world for his teeth! His music displays pure unique talent and solid originality. As J.O.E stresses best, his lyrics are impossible to ignore! Listen Closely…


12 = syncroNICE

This guy is the real deal. I fell in love with his music right from the first song!


syncroNICE, the CEO of Mr. Beny Records has one of the most motivated personalities you will find. He started his ideas from scratch and they have turned into some of the best results Hip Hop can offer. This man has put forth his hard work, time, and dedication to proving the Hip Hop culture still exists and that it must be protected. Aside from his “boss” mentality, his lyrical creativeness is unique in itself and style could not be compared to anyone of this generation. The fact is, he is a perfect example of a real MC.


13 = Dawn Duchcess (Self Introduction-2nd Time Around-The Rebellion-Inside My Mind-Duchcess.0)

I love artist that grind hard and really get into their career. With four top mix-tapes under her belt and a couple of professional videos Dawn Duchess will no doubt excel into the future of hip-hop!


Dawn Duchess was born in Sacremento, California to a Military family, the only child of Monica (Elementary school administrator) and Larry (U.S. Army soldier). At the tender age of 1, Duchess and her family relocated to Europe, where she spent her childhood years and the majority of her young adult life in Hanau, Germany. At a young age her parents divorced which led to her strong interest in writing poetry and short stories as a way to escape complications that were going on inside the home.
After graduating from High School in Kaiserslautern, Germany, Duchess decided she wanted to experience life from another angle. Having spent some time in Dallas, TX, Opelika, AL, and Albany, GA, Duchess finally settled in Savannah, GA. She attended Armstrong Atlantic State University majoring in English Communications and minoring in creative writing. It wasn’t until 2008 when she discovered her passion for music after recording her first song, “Side Chick” based off her poem, “Lonely Girl”, at her uncle’s home studio.
Ever since, Duchess fell in love with the art of music and began to pursue a career in the entertainment business. She started performing at campus open mics, local clubs and bars in Savannah. She has been opening act for mainstream artist, Khia and Yung Berg. Her first single, “Heads Turn” featured on Savannah’s local station, 94.1 in December 2010 and in July 2011 she made an appearance on PhreshnPhamous local station in California.
The femcee movement continued as a series of mixtapes began to flood the internet. “Self Introduction” and “2nd Time Around” dropped early 2010 while “Inside My Mind” and “The Rebellion” were released in 2011 on
Dawn Duchess will be performing her single, “Rockstar” in surrounding areas of Georgia very soon. Her quick witted punchlines and fast tongue twisting rhymes make her one aggressive mcee. Artist goals include being the next female phenom and one day starting her own independent label. New projects will be dropping summer 2012.


14 = Snow Tha Product (Run Up Or Shut Up)

Snow Tha Product is one of the best female rap artist I’ve ever heard, period!


Snow tha Product, a native of California, but resident of Texas, is an underground phenomenon and sensation taking the scene by storm in a way that has put male MCs on alert. She’s a beauty and a beast – looks and lyrical skills on the microphone, respectively. Physical stature aside, she stands as tall as any female MC in the game and can wreck a track in fluent Spanish or English with a handful of male MCs trying to match her lyrical level, as she did on Capea El Dough P City Remix.
Let us be forthcoming about 22-year-old, Claudia A. Feliciano. We’d put her up against any female MC in the game, and we’re confident she’d give anyone of them a run for their money… or take their money. She’s a versatile, bilingual lyricist who can fluently chop you up in English or Spanish, so take your pick. She has the swag, attitude, fine-ass looks and in-your-face rhyming abilities to be a hip-hop sensation in the U.S. or Latin America, if only the industry could, as Snow would say it, wake they’re game up.
For now, Feliciano, better known to the streets as Snow Tha Product, is going to have to settle for being an international underground buzz-maker. We’re not exaggerating. You can find her on anything from videos with major-label Spanish-pop sensations like Jaime Kohen, to hit rap videos in Latin America to underground Mic Passes in Texas.
Everything we want in a Latino – excuse us – Latina, hip-hop artist.
“I am versatile and even though I’ve been taught the industry wants you to pick a lane and stay there, I’m too hyperactive for that. I’m going to just swang this Cadillac I call a career.”
Follow Snow Tha Product on MySpace and catch her web shows there every Wednesday at 9 p.m. CST. You can also catch her on Twitter, and download her free mixtape, Run Up or Shut Up here.


15 = J Savage

J Savage is a indie hip-hop artist from West Jordan, UT that caught my attention. He has a true love for his craft and it shows. His focus is on the music and not the hype, and that’s the way it should be.


Jason Savage …… just a True Emcee slash producer doing my thing and expressing my self and my life through HIPHOP!!! 1/3 Elite Rhyme Krew


16 = Pablo Hustle

Pablo Hustle is bring some serious bounce in his style of hip-hop. This Texas artist is well worth checking out!


Pablo Hustle aka P-low Was born and raised in Dallas, TX . CEO & One on the heavy hitters out of HomeGrown Fire Music. The 2ND half of the group Non-Fiction. Besides making money music & photography is his passion. Co- host of Street Committee Radio bringing you that Texas heat every Saturday from 12 pm – 2 pm blazing nothing but the hottest hip hop straight from the streets!


17 = Dusk Raps

Dusk Raps has that classic raw dirty hip-hop favor. You know the kind of hip-hop that will never go out of style!


Dusk One has carved out his own sound with his trademark raspy flow over booming gritty beats & an energetic live show. First making noise as part of the group MindState, a hip hop staple in his home town of Salt Lake City, then expanding reigonally & nationally as a solo act. Expect to see him live on a stage near you.


18 = The Co-Op

This Texas due are bring the heat big time. I just love their raw funky organic sound!


A duo quite unlike the Hip-hop world has ever seen, The Co-Op (Conscience Operations) is back on the mic, renewing their vows to destroy any track in their path and make the world safe for dope MCs once again. Not only is this the clash of the sexes the rap world has been waiting for, but they also share a marriage license. Money Stax’ precise, scalpel sharp delivery is the perfect contrast to her husband The Rapture’s off kiter wordplay and unorthodox flow, making them the yin to each other’s yang on every track. With their LP, Mr. and Mrs. Spit, they explored a broad array of topics like love, hood life, world events, and the media over diverse soundscapes from DFW’s top-self underground producers. Both rappers have also branched off, with Money Stax being one half of the highly sought after female MC duo Vicious Cycle as well as her team-up with BX spitter Word Life for Monopoly. Rapture has also dropped his solo debut, The Point as well as an EP called RAMPAGE, with producer M Slago, and Dallas lyricists Dow Jonez and Word Life. Recently, the duo released a pair of high profile music videos produced by the groundbreaking Dallas production team, Ludus Studios, one for the smash hit “You People” by Money’s group Vicious Cycle feat. Neeky Devero, as well as The Co-Op’s highly anticipated comeback single “Rap Money”. Their stage presence is undeniable, having earned them oppertunities like performing at Rock The Bells 2011, and the right to share stages with legends like Raekwon, Ghostface, Pharoahe Monch, Homeboy Sandman, GURU (RIP), Slick Rick and more. Not only is The Co-Op dangerous on mics, they are also their own multimedia machine, recording, arranging, marketing, promoting,and executive producing all of their catalog, not to mention running their own websites, merchandising, and publishing. Conscience Operations is not just a rap group but a empire on the rise and their foundation (each other) just keeps getting stronger.


19 = Royalteaz

A fresh new female artist out of Texas!


In 2009 Tasha started going by Royalteaz and started to sing and rap freestyle on tracks with more frequent studio visits. Singing turned into rapping and a more hip hop sound had been created by the artist. In 2010 her desires to get her music heard had become a goal. Royalteaz started writing a new song in Nov. 2010 to be a motivation to herself to step it up and New Year’s Eve 2010 she decided to have DaBeatBakerz produce her first single early in the year “Step The Game Up” 2011 was recorded but not released for purchase. Other joints proceeded from there in 2011 including “Thug Change” Produced by Mr. Lawton Records.
Recently, Royalteaz is collaborating with other artists and working on her own projects. The newest single to be released by this hip hop/r&b artist is a 420 themed tune entitled “High As Fuck” feat. Classy Folk > released March 7th . Other works inlude her feature on Chill WIll Da Don’s StreetFame Mixtape via Datpiff and
Currently Royalteaz is member of the UGK Records Trill Gang and under new production. Stay tuned and watch out for Teazy!!!


20 = Madame Mims (Reification)

Madame Mims brings a very organic, funky, and soulful vibe to her special blend of underground hip-hop and R&B. You’ll love her mixtape “The Reification”.


Miranda Mims, known professionally as Madame Mims, is a Dj/musician, singer-songwriter, emcee, artist and visionary. Since 2008, she has been working as an engineer with GEORGE CLINTON. In the year 2012, she can be seen as the official tour & show DJ for FOLEY, former lead bassist of MILES DAVIS. Her EP, THE PEACE LILIUM & mixtape, THE REIFICATION can be found on

21 = Marcanum X

Marcanum X just blew my mind. Underground Hip-Hop at it’s best!


Marcanum X, the lead MC for the Hip Hop duo, Sons of Chaos, began rhyming in the mid-2000s, but didn’t take his craft serious till around 2009. He’s dedicated to being as original as he can, yet maintain a unique presence in the world of Hip Hop. He is one of the very few emcees in Hip Hop with a hardcore vibe that doesn’t express any vulgarity. His technique may be very strange and still developing, but real Hip Hop heads will appreciate his contribution to the game as years go on. He has appeared on tracks with MCs such as Goretex (formerly of Non Phixion), Chief Kamachi (The JuJu Mob), Block McCloud (Brooklyn Academy & Army of the Pharaohs), The White Shadow of Norway, Sick Since, R-Kitech, Godilla, Zeps, Krazy Race, Leaders of the Lost, Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse), Supreme Sol, Klive Kraven (GMD Records), Evil Intentions (Formaldahyde & Anonamix), Danegurous (Shadow People), Vherbal (Shadow People & Anno Domini Beats), Arhythmatik, Slim Swayze (Take the Red Pill Radio), and many more to come, including legends and underground heavyweights of the age. Marcanum X is also a member of the Hip Hop super group, Shadow People. He is currently working on several different projects. He also has material coming soon with his duo, Sons of Chaos (Marcanum X & The 6th Element). Be on the lookout for brand new material from Marcanum X, Sons of Chaos & his super group, Shadow People.

22 = Krestup

Solid vocals and tight production chops make Krestup an artist that has true talent!


I am a music artist, producer and video director. In a nutshell I am a total package. search and you will find more info about this great man.

23 = A-Malek

A-Malek is bring a tight underground sound. Loved his music the first time I heard it!


A-Malek is a talented and self driven young man. He has been into hip hop ever since the 7th grade, and started rapping in the same grade as well. His biggest influences are Nas, Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP, Diabolic, Immortal Technique, Gangstarr, Biggie Smallz. Big L, and Snowgoons. He has his own home studio so when he isn’t writing or editing his vocals, he makes beats in his spare time. He is willing to work with anybody in the same genre group and is following his dream to have success in the music business. Just listen to his music and message and enjoy.

24 = ADHD

This group from GA has a sound that is truly fresh and unique. Putting a new spin on alternative hip-hop!


ADHD = The expression of life, freedom and loyalty. Share your gift don’t neglect it. We’re all here for a reason so why not find out what that purpose is, right?!?! Check the music enjoy your life and fuck a hater!!!! #ADHD #GETHIP

25 = Codey Mazzoni

Codey is a true lyrical Hip-Hop artist from IN. Hard work, drive, and talent will put him on the Hip-Hop map, no doubt!


Codey Allen Mazzoni is a rap artist: born on June 17, 1991. He was raised in Indiana and started playing music when he was a toddler and it has just stuck with him throughout his life.  Codey stated “I am a normal guy with a big dream and I have always known that I’m meant to be involved in the music industry in some way; whether it be a rock band or hip-hop artist.”
He started writing poetry at the age of 12 and played in a band up through high school after his last band did not work out, he stated he wanted to go towards something that was more about him and just wanted to get through to people in a different way than most rappers do.
Codey stated “My music has a lot of deep emotional stuff and some statements that I hope will help others cope with daily lives and problems in a way that touches them in an almost spiritual way. I just want to show teens that everything happens for a reason and we all play an important role on the holy lands of earth. We will be on time when our stars align.”

26 = Evolutionarie Rebels

Evolutionarie Rebels are just the essence of quality lyrical underground hip-hop!


Evolutionarie Rebels is a convening of hearts, minds and vibrations hailing from myriad positions. Through One Love, we create conscious beats and lyrics that reflect the forward movement required to celebrate and sustain the human spirit. With element-combining emcees from Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas and much of the production coming from MrNils by way of Denmark, this is underground hip hop of the truest flavor but more than that this is the music of a Movement.

27 = Grounded1

Grounded1 is some serious alternative hip-hop. Very fresh and very dope!


Grounded1 is a member of (n1nth)cloud…New album coming very soon.. Go to to download the new single.

28 = Year Of The Ox

These guys took me back to the 90’s when hip-hop was at it’s best!


“LOVE”… The long awaited third album of the Year Of The Ox project. Set over a backdrop of a smooth hiphop sound birthed from soul and rnb, Molek Ular & Kraftmatik examine the meaning of this overused and complicated word with extensivly introverted lyrical content. Tons of melodic hooks and jazzy leads plus features from local hero’s E-wize, Flotation, The Wizard & Wordlife. Production from Molek Ular, Tape Mastah Steph & H.

29 = DannyP (The Scrap Book)

Tight flows and great hooks make this NJ artist one to keep your eyes on! “The Scrap Book” mixtape hasn’t left my player since I got it.


This 17 year old, New Jersey native releases his debut mixtape to the game. Open the tape up, and listen to the real life messages, stories, and dreams from a teenager trying to make a name for himself, while still in high school. With ear-soothing hooks, catchy lyrics, and flow like no-other, you too, will be in tune with the hopes and dreams of DannyP, and the goals of making a difference in the world through music. With a wide range of musical talent, dedication, and motivation like no one else, DannyP presents… The Scrap Book Follow @ThaDannyP -DannyP

30 = KidFloH

KidFloH brings that serious southern bounce that we all love. He’s one to keep your eyes on, for sure!

31 = Ghetto Star

Real Hip-Hop!


Born and raised in the Inland Empier of Southen California an artist who brings you that real street rap no glitz no glamour no gimicks Ghetto Star the protege of Amazen A producer and member of the Anterazh, Y.A. DPG and Leader of Stick Figger Music Ghetto Star took wat he learned from the streets and from late nights in the studio with Amazen and others soaked it and flipped it 2 his own style of raw uncut lyrics a true West Coast artist with the goal to take rap back to were it began the STREETS

32 = Sinthesis

Pure creative and raw. A mix of rock, blues, and hip-hop which equals pure Dope independent modern hip-hop!


#HandH brought Phaust and Phingaz together for little more than a week to record the foundation for what would become their most cohesive, entertaining experiment in raw, dirty blues rock meets gritty indie rap.

Phaust & Phingaz formed as Sinthesis in 2005. Tired of hearing the same ole regurgitated, oversampled sound in hip hop; the two decided to put their vast knowledge of live instrumentation to work. With the latest full length album “Horseshoes & Handgrenades (release date: 9/14/12),” the fourth in the duo’s repertoire, Sinthesis truly shines in a whole new raw format kind of way.

Most listeners find it surprising when they find out that Phaust and Phingaz live in 2 separate cities over 1,300 miles away from each other. The two grew up in Salt Lake City together from a young age, learning to play similar music in separate bands until Sinthesis was inevitably fused. Thirsty for a new environment rich in independent music, production specialist Phingaz knew it was a no-brainer to make the move to Minneapolis in 2006. Continuing to write, record and share files back and forth was as simple as living in the same neighborhood, all thanks to this new thing called the internet.

No matter the gap whether distance or time, Sinthesis unceasingly establishes dominance.

33 = DT-Da Truth (Immortality)

Strong lyrics and a solid vocal flow, DT is Da Truth!


I’m Not Going To Use A Bunch Of Corny Metaphors Or Flashy Words To Describe Myself. Everything You Need To Know About Me Is Located Below In My Music. I’m Telling The Story Of My City, My Family, and My Struggle And hopefully You Can Relate.

34 = Bison Musik

Bison Musik brings a powerful blend of experimental Hip-Hop that fans of rock and Hip-Hop will be nodding their heads too!


A gifted lyricist, producer, and song writer, Bison has proven to be a talented and multi-faceted Hip-Hop artist. He has been loyal to Arizona’s underground Scene for several years, performing with various acts and featuring on a multitude of projects.
He has released 6 CD’s of solo work. Most notable are his 2009 CD “Precincts Of Thought” and His newly released CD “Event Horizon” (April 5th 2013)
His music, although conscious, incorporates multiple genres such as blues, rock, reggae, techno as well as west coast, East coast and even experimental Hip Hop. There’s a lil something for every fan of Bison’s. Who knows what he’ll create next. Regardless of what direction he embarks on the result will be astounding as usual.
He now resides in Grayslake, IL with his wife working on a poetry book and toying with material for a “back to basics” Mix tape.

35 = Donneapolis

Donneapolis is an indie artist from MN doing this just for the pure love of the music!

I go H.A.M on everything its just how i was raised. I work two jobs, a regular ass legit to stay afloat and help support my dream, which is my second job, creating great music for your listening enjoyment. Music is a release for me it helps with life situations and stress. I love to create and listen to music. If you like my music tell a friend to tell a friend because word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement. I was born in Isanti county Minnesota and moved to Minneapolis shortly after. Minneapolis is my home and I plan on putting us on the map for music. Im always reppin Twin Cities no matter what ! Team work make the dream work is a saying where I’m from and we believe it so lets network. I have a unique sound and a unique style or swag that can’t be imitated.I also Write, Record, Purchase, and Manage all my own shit.

36 = Dez Dealaguy

In his own words “I’m not selling you a lifestyle, or telling you lies, I’m doing me and telling you about my life experiences.”

37 = Prince Quan-The Don (The Project)

This young R&B artist out of Detroit, MI has one of the smoothest vocal tone I’ve heard in a long time. His new mix-tape “The Project” showcases his top notch songwriting skills as well. Watch out Chris Brown!


Super dope artist from KY! This cat covers ALL types of hip-hop. The future is looking bright! 

Coming from a small city in Kentucky where his music was not supported, Eric moved to Northern Kentucky (Southern Cincinnati) where his music took off and he was able to build a propionate fan base. After opening for many mainstream and underground acts in 2010, he decided to take a break from shows and concentrate on putting out mixtapes and building his name and new founded label RAREBREED MUSIC GROUP. Heavily influenced by music his whole life from a wide range of styles and genre, he knew at a early age from Biggie Smalls, 2pac, Bone Thugs, Do or Die and many more which genre he wanted to pursue, hip hop of course. Today EZ has molded his own sound and style that’s really his own that’s very unique due to his voice. According to EZ ” This isn’t just music to me, its a lifestyle a way of life, I live a breathe every word of every song I write, unlike some artist today” A full written bio will be available very soon. Keep checking back and please send this link to all your friends promotion is everything. And without my fans and supporters there is no ME!! I love yall … RareBreed 2013! #rarebreed #teamsixosix #AGame

39 = Lowe (Wyld)

A young artist with a great vocal flow and tons of energy. One to watch out for in 2014!

Recording artist Lowe, hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As a huge fan of hip-hop, he decided to take his passion for the genre more serious and began recording in his basement with his bestfriend Kulpy. They became known as The BasementBoyz. After months of practice, hard work, and dedication to his craft, Lowe booked his first small show at the Laserdome in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. His performance led to him receiving buzz in the town.
After losing four of his best friends in a fatal car accident in 2011, Lowe used music to express his feelings. He decided to focus on his dream of making a career for himself in the music industry.
Now as a solo artist, he is determined to get his music to the masses. He has been in talks by many major record labels; such as Roc Nation, Warner Bros, Atlantic Records, Universal, & RCA. Lowe and has received shoutouts from big names in hip-hop including A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Wiz Khalifa. As he continues to build his fan base, he is well on his way to becoming a household name.
Lowe has opened for a few rap artists in the game such as Kid Ink, Tech N9ne, & Lil Reese. All of these shows were a huge success and the crowd was going WYLD!
Lowe has signed promo and distribution deals along with gearing up for his summer tour.The highly anticipated project “Wyld” mixtape is available for download and streaming. His hot new exclusive single “Stay in Yo Lane” is available in the itunes store, amazon mp3, Xbox music, & Deezer. He has also signed a contract with Jabari Kafele (Omelly’s Manager) for a a promo deal.




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