Remixing Services

As an artist in today’s super competitive music industry having professional remixes of your singles is a must.

Why is it a must you might ask?

It’s the best way to really promote your new single. It also allows you to have a product to give away to your fans for free. If they love the remix they will return the love by purchasing the original song putting cash into your pocket.

Over the years I’ve remixed hundreds of DJs, MCs, Bands, and Artist. Every form of Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Dance, Electronic, and R&B you can think of.

Also most remixers only provide one sound or one type of remix. Not the case here. I can provide you almost any type of remix you need. (Club, Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, Dub)

If I feel I can’t provide you with a quality production I will let you know from the get go.

I pride myself in making YOU (the client) happy!

I’ll remix any song for only $500.00. Remixes take around two or three days to complete once I get the original stems.

To do a remix I will need any original parts you wish me to use sent in Wav file only. ( is a great company to use) Also the stems need to be the entire length of the song. For example let’s say the entire song is 4:25 and the vocal starts at 1:25. I need the vocal stem to be 4:25. Also please know the original tempo! This makes the process so much more easy and allows me to provide you with a better product in less time.

To check out a full range of my remix production work please visit:

(please note that these remixes are for promotional purposes only. your remix will not be posted unless you give permission. also if you do want me to post the mix you can choose if you want to make the remix available for free download)

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